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A Ticket to our weekly Taco Tuesday Giveaway.

About the Project

El Taco is a limited collection of 6,500 tradeable NFT’s giving you access to weekly rewards and sustainable passive income. By bringing the NFT and DeFi world together, buyers get the benefit of tradeable art and passive income just from holding. El Taco Finance will include only the best node, staking pools, yield farming, and rebasing protocols to deliver weekly rewards!

  - Blockchain: Avalanche     

  - Total Supply: 6500

  - Mint Price: 1.5 AVAX




Our Goal with El Taco Finance is to create a community that is constantly being rewarded for holding their taco. We want everyone to benefit financially on a regular, long-term, basis. This is why we will be focused on diversifying passive-income projects including nodes, staking pools, yield farming, rebasing, and mining.

Investments will begin immediately with the phase one launch of the OG tacos (see an explanation of OG tacos in the link below) to start building the treasury. The first investments will be a split between node projects and yield farming.

Continue reading El Taco Finance Whitepaper 


El Taco Finance Roadmap

Phase 1

Soft Launch

- Focus on building the community through social marketing campaigns.

- OG tacos to be released for soft mint.

- First investments will be placed in established protocols to start building the treasury.

- Weekly giveaways will begin on April 5th, 2022 to anyone holding a taco!

- AMAs and Twitter Space sound offs.

Phase 2

Sustainable Investments

- Let us introduce ourselves: Doxx of the entire team on El Taco Finance Website & Discord

- Release the balance of 500 OG tacos for a limited time.

- Additional investments into more sustainable passive income projects that will ultimately help the longevity of the El Taco Finance project.

- Reach out to well known artists for custom taco NTFs to be used in giveaways.

Phase 3

Redesign & Airdrop

- New Taco artwork revealed by AJ Thomas (@ajezus).​

- Bi-Monthly Airdrops to start for all taco holders.

- Keep the community engaged and involved by having them vote on additional investments El Taco Finance will make as well as other important decisions.

- Start extra giveaways for OG taco holders.

- Release additional tacos to mint for increased treasury rewards.


El Taco Finance Partners

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